A touristic coast : Gold Coast, Australia


I know to geolocalise
A touristic coast in Australia

I can explain
The transformations of a touristic coast

The rivalry between the activities

I can identify
The functions of a touristic coast


  • touristic coast

I. The birth of a beach

  1. Describe each picture.
  2. How does the landscape change ?
  3. What activity is the reason of this modification ?

II. A touristic coast

Let’s have a look at the place nowadays.

Can you guess where we are ? Use Google Map or Google Earth to explore this location.

How does it look ? Describe the landscape.

III. Living in a touristic coast

Choose a topic from the list below. Work by groups to make a presentation.

Topics :

  • The organisation of a touristic beach

  • an economy organised by tourism
    • What kind of activities can you do in a touristic coast ?

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