The city of Ur

Cette séquence est destinée au dispositif PARLE pour les 6e.

Unit 2 – History
The city of Ur


I know to geolocalise
Where are the ancient cities in Mesopotamia

Where are the ancient cities in Egypt

I can explain

How people used to live

I can identify
The fonctions of an ancient city


  • canal
  • ziggurat


Work by groupe :

  • pick a card and do a web quest about the character or the topic it represents
  • do a presentation in front of the class (make sure to be clear and brief !)

1. The city of Ur

Look at the map below :

  • Where is located this archeological site ?
  • What is left of the city ?



Lokk at the video and the documents :

  • How do we know how the city looked like ?
  • Describe the city.
  • How is the city provided with water and food ?
  • What are the activities of the inhabitants ?

2. The birth of a state

In th 1920s L. Wooley found an artifact in a tomb : a wooden box (21.59 cm by 50 cm) richly decorated. It is 4,600 years old and known by the name of Standard of Ur.

Two panels are covered with mosaics called « War » and « Peace » :


You can see those documents in higher resolution : war, peace.

  • Discribe each mosaic.
  • What can we learn about the life in the city and the powwer of the king ?


  • What were ziggurat built for ?

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