Living in a metropolis

Cette séquence est destinée au dispositif PARLE pour les 6e. Elle a été réalisée en collaboration avec Jules Carrier.

Unit 1 – Geography
Living in a metropolis


I know to geolocalise
where are the most populated cities

I can explain
what is a metropolis

I can identify
the fonctions of a metropolis


  • metropolis
  • residential area
  • gated community
  • industrial area
  • commercial area
  • transportation infrastructure
  • to commute
  • Central Business district (CBD)

Case study # 1 – Ho Chi Minh City

Where am I ?

The teacher is going to give you the link to a collaborative map : use it to pin your home.

Can you recognise some emblematic places of the city ?

The growth of the city

Work by group ; use the images below to discribe the growth of Ho Chi Minh City. Use words such as :


Read the text below : why is the city growing so fast ?

Ho Chi Minh City is the economic and financial hub of Vietnam and continues to attract migrants from the provinces, resulting in rapid population growth. With the recent expansion of a free-market system, many multinational and local businesses and facilities can be found in the city,


Places and fonctions

On the collaborative map :

  1. discribe the pictures on the 6 landscape (red pin). Can you identify the function of each place ?
  2. what kind of of urban landscape do you see every morning on your way to school ?

Case study # 2 – New York


Take a lokk at this website and read the text below :

According to the Wagner study, there are about 3.94 million people out and about in Manhattan during the weekdays. That breaks down to 778,000 visitors, 1.61 million commuting workers, 1.46 million local residents and 88,000 other individuals. However, there is a significant decrease of people in Manhattan on the weekends, down to 2.90 million. That total includes 778,000 visitors, 565,000 commuting workers, 1.54 million local residents and 18,000 other individuals.

The two busiest downtown neighborhoods are the two with the greatest impact on the workday, the Financial District and Midtown.

  1. What are the diffrences in Manhattan between weekdays and weekends ?
  2. How can you explain those differences ?

Connectivity and entertainment

Explore Time Square in New York. How can we see that it is palce of entertainment ?

What kinf of information does this website provide ? What can we tell about New York : is this metropolis well connected to the world compared to some others ?

A world of metropolis

What others metropolis in the wolrd do you now ? Fill the map with your teacher.

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